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Harvey County

Horticulture Article Archive

Here you will find helpful information from articles written by Horticulture Agent Scott Eckert.  For more information, please contact our office.


Seed Potato Planting

Crab Grass Preventer

Setting out Tomatoes


Garden Planning/Plant Starting

Choosing Your Christmas Tree

Winter Pruning of Fruit Trees

Pruning of Apple Trees


Fall Knotweed Prevention

Mowing Leaves in Your Lawn

Tilling Leaves into Your Garden Bed

Fertilizers for your Plants

Fall Tool Cleaning

Preventing Sunscald and Frost Crack on Youth Trees

Indoor Plants

Tips on Watering Houseplants

Houseplants: Dracaena (Corn Plant, etc.)

Lawn Grass Care

Henbit and Winter Annuals

Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass Care Calendar

Aerating your Lawn

Extra Insights

Weeding Your Garden

Raised Bed Gardening

Adding Organic Matter to Soil

Tree Burls

Gall Formation on Trees