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Harvey County

Walk Kansas is an 8-week, statewide program that involves more than 16,000 participants annually! Registration begins March 4th!


The program runs from March 31st - May 25th.

The participant guides are not out yet but we will add a link when we get them! 


What's New!

This year, they will count ALL of your steps - not just the steps over 6,000! That's a great change because many found that confusing.

You will have a week after the close of the program to log your steps! 


Also, they may be adding a new Solo trail!


N Zone Sportswear is the vendor for shirts! Teams are encouraged to go together on the shirt orders to save on shipping costs. The colors this year will be Raspberry Heather, Navy Heather and Purple Heather. As soon as the system is up and going, we will let you know where you can go to order!



A motivational video

Why I Walk

If you are interested in eating the Mediterranean way, "Med Instead of Meds," but not sure where to start, check out these recipes from medinsteadofmeds.com


If you have questions about Walk Kansas, please call Harvey County Extension at 316-284-6930.  Also see See www.walkkansas.org.