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Harvey County

2018 Farm Bill: New Decisions for Kansas Farmers

Presentation will be given by Sedgwick County Extension Center.  Free, but please register here or with Jeff at 316-660-0153. 

See flier for more information.

2019 Wheat Plot Tour Results

2019 Wheat Plot Tour Results

Results are in from the 2019 Wheat Plot Tour.

Want to see more information from across the State?  See the KSRE publication 2019 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties.

Weekly Agronomy eUpdate

The e-Updates are a regular weekly item from K-State Extension Agronomy 


Kansas Custom Rates 2018

This is an updated version of the Custom Rates for 2018. I hope you will find this useful. 

Kansas Custom Rates 2018

Farm Lease Agreement Forms