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Harvey County

Ryan Flaming

Agriculture Extensin Agent


Coyote Trapping and Calling Clinic

Join an informative clinic on Coyote Trapping and Predator Calling provided by the Bulter County Extension Office.  See flier for information and registration.

Meat Science Series 

Two presentations give information on selling meat direct to consummers.  Topics include meat science, meat sales and establishing a slaugther and processing facility.  

Recordings of the Presentations are linked below. 

Selling Direct to Consumers/Starting a Processing Plant with KDA

Basics of Meat Science with Francisco Najar-Villarreal

Small Acres Agriculture Series


Previous Series Recordings Available On-Demand


Ag Lease

Getting the most out of your acreage for livestock


Cattle   (Slides)

Sheep and Goat

Soil Health & Cover Crop Workshop

If you couldn't join us via Zoom, you can still watch the recorded presentation at the link below.


2020 Wheat Test Plot

Results are in for the 2020 Wheat Test Plots

See State-Wide Results on the KSRE Dept. of Ag page.  2020 Winter Wheat Performance.

2020 Plot Results

The plot is located on the north side SW 48th street just east of the S Hoover Road intersection. 

Kansas Custom Rates 2020

This is an updated version of the Custom Rates for 2020. 

Farm Lease Agreement Forms