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Harvey County

Project Report Form:

4-H'er's keep track of project information and complete end of the year records through the Project Report Form. These should be completed for each project of which the 4-H'er enrolled each year. A 4-H'er may qualifying for a project pin and is awarded at Achievement Banquet each year.

Age specific forms are available for Juniors (7-8), Intermediate (9-13), and Senior (14-18). 

Locate instructions, personal page, question and answers, and age and project specific record books by visiting the Kansas 4-H Website

NEW in 2022 is the online record books. Follow this link for tutorials on how to use ZBooks, step by step guides and links to ZBooks. 

Member Achievement Pin Applications:

4-H members complete Membership Pins annually. These pins are different than project pins and recognize a 4-H'er for overall 4-H growth and involvement.

For Member Achievement Awards information, visit Kansas 4-H Website for more information. 

Click Here for a list of Membership Achievement Plan Alternatives

Outstanding 4-H'er Award:


Each year the Harvey County 4-H Development Foundation gives Outstanding 4-Her awards to 4 members they deem to have exhibited exceptional leadership, community service and have went above and beyond in terms of 4-H involvement. Each Outstanding 4-Her receives $50 and recognition in the paper and our Social Media pages. They can nominated by Club Leaders, Volunteers, 4-H members or self-nominated. They must fit into the 2 age groups; 13-15 and 16+ and actively enrolled in Harvey County 4-H.

Click Here for the application.

Click Here for previous recipients. 

Development Fund Scholarship:

Event Scholarships:
Our local Harvey County 4-H Foundation has several opportunities for youth to apply for scholarships to attend Regional and State events. Find instruction and application here
College Student Scholarship:
They also support Freshmen in college who graduated in May of 2022. This scholarship is for those who have currently their freshman year in college. The Harvey County Development Fund is generous to give those who apply and are selected a scholarship to help with the costs of college. The recipient of the scholarship is recognized on Achievement Night. 
Click Here for the application. 

Memorial Scholarship:

Gary Baehler & Krista Baehler Memorial Scholarship:
Gary Baehler was a long time advocate of 4-H. He was active as a 4-H member in Sharon Springs and Collegiate 4-H at KSU. He got his girls Kendra & Krista, involved in 4-H as well and was their biggest fan. He was active as a 4-H parent, volunteer, project leader, fair board member, and sponsor for the Harvey County 4-H Program. Dr. Baehler owned and operated Hesston Veterinary Clinic for 35 years until he passed away tragically from a heart attack in May 2021. His patient nature allowed him to pass on knowledge to others and mentor students that were interested in veterinary medicine.  His youngest daughter, Krista Baehler passed away after battling leukemia in April 2020. Krista was active in livestock and food/nutrition projects through her involvement in Harvey County 4-H. She pursued a degree in dietetics from Kansas State and utilized her knowledge to teach and create a food and nutrition program for youth in Omaha, NE.

In memory of Gary and Krista, the family has set up this scholarship program to recognize the achievements of students pursuing a degree in Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, or Dietetics, Food Science. 

Click Here for the application.