Record Books & Project Report Forms:

4-H'ers keep track of project information and complete end of the year Record Books through the Project Report Form. These should be completed for each project of which the 4-H'er enrolled each year. A 4-H'er may qualify for a project pin that is awarded at 4-H Recognition Night.

Locate instructions, personal page, question and answers, and age-specific and project-specific record books by visiting the Kansas 4-H Local Record Keeping & Project Reports Form page. Age-specific form are available for Juniors (7-8), Intermediate (9-13), and Senior (14-18). ZBooks or Form Fillable PDFs may be used for record keeping. Either way, the records will need to be printed and compiled in a 3-prong folder or appropriate sized binder to turn in. Record Books are due September 20, 2024.


ZBooks is an online platform for Project Record keeping.

Tutorials, step by step guides, information and a link to access ZBooks can be found at the Kansas 4-H Record Keeping with ZBooks page.

Form Fillable PDFs:

Form Fillable PDFs are Project Report Form documents set up to be used for Project Record keeping.

Form Fillable PDFs can be found on the Kansas 4-H Local Record Keeping & Project Reports Form page.


Member Achievement Pin Applications:

4-H members complete Membership Pins annually. These pins are different than project pins and recognize a 4-H'er for overall 4-H growth and involvement. Member Achievement Pins are awarded in a series: Membership, Bronze, Clover, Emerald, Silver, Silver Guard, Leadership, Gold, and Gold Guard. Member Achievement Pin Applications are due September 20, 2024.

For Member Achievement Awards information and forms, visit the Kansas 4-H Awards & Recognition page.


Outstanding 4-H'er Award:

Each year the Harvey County 4-H Development Foundation gives Outstanding 4-H'er Awards to 4 members they deem to have exhibited exceptional leadership, community service and have went above and beyond in terms of 4-H involvement. Each Outstanding 4-Her receives $50 and recognition in the paper and our Social Media pages. They can be nominated by Club Leaders, Volunteers, 4-H members, or self-nominated. They must fit into the 2 age groups: 13-15 and 16+ and actively enrolled in Harvey County 4-H. A 4-H'er may only earn the Outstanding 4-H'er Award once in each age group during their 4-H career.

Outstanding 4-H'er Application

Previous Outstanding 4-H'er Award Recipients


Harvey County 4-H Volunteer of the Year:

We are taking nominations for volunteers who are doing great work in our program. Please fill out the nomiation form in the link below. All nominations are due September 20, 2024.

Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form

Questions to answer about your nominee:
- Breif overiew of why this nominee deserves this award
- Evidence of a postive impact on the lives of 4-H youth
- Evidence of postive impact on the 4-H program
- Personal attributes
- Personal involvment in 4-H


Club Seals and End of Year Documents:

We will recognize 4-H Clubs each participation year that requiremnets are met with Club Seals (purple, blue, red, and white). Documents are due September 20, 2024.

Club Seal Application


Development Fund Scholarships:

Event Scholarships:
Our local Harvey County 4-H Foundation has several opportunities for Harvey County 4-H youth to apply for scholarships to attend regional and state 4-H events.
College Student Scholarship:
The Harvey County 4-H Foundation also supports Freshmen in college who graduated in May by giving the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to help with the cost of college. This scholarship is for those who are currently in their freshman year in college. The recipient of this scholarship is recognized at 4-H Recognition Night.