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Harvey County

Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) Documents

KAP Instructions


4-H Personal Page

14 Years Old and Older

9 to 13 Years Old

7 to 8 Years Old

Member Achievement Pin Applications

Additional Award Forms

 Key Award Application 

Record Keeping Materials

Scholarship Opportunities

Harvey County 4-H Senior Scholarship

Harvey County Development Fund's Scholarship is available at this link. This scholarship is for students who graduated in the May 2019 and will be enrolled as a full-time post-secondary student this fall. Submitting an application does not equal selection to receive this scholarship. The scholarship must be fully completed to be considered for an award. Applications are due November 1st at midnight, and applicants will be awarded at Achievement Night November 9th. Any questions give the office a call. 

4-H Development Fund- Event Scholarship

This scholarship application is available for any active Harvey County 4-H’er and is meant to be used for county, regional and state 4-H events which have costs associated to them. Scholarship amounts and due dates vary for each event. Please contact the Harvey County Extension Office at (316) 284-6930 for specific due dates and scholarship amounts.

To apply for this scholarship, complete the form on PDF or Word. Once completed, please send to Ashley Janzen at ajanzen@ksu.edu.


Community Leader Documents

KAP Summary Worksheet (excel)

Pin Application Summary Worksheet (excel)

Club Project Report Form (pdf)

Club Planning and Goals Worksheet (pdf) 

Outstanding 4-H Member Award Application (pdf)