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Harvey County

Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) Documents

KAP Instructions


4-H Personal Page

14 Years Old and Older

9 to 13 Years Old

7 to 8 Years Old

Member Achievement Pin Applications

Additional Award Forms

 Key Award Application 

Record Keeping Materials

Scholarship Opportunities

4-H Development Fund- Event Scholarship

4-H Development Fund Event Scholarship: This scholarship application is available for any active Harvey County 4-H’er and is meant to be used for county, regional and state 4-H events which have costs associated to them. Scholarship amounts and due dates vary for each event. Please contact the Harvey County Extension Office at (316) 284-6930 for specific due dates and scholarship amounts.

To apply for this scholarship, complete the form on PDF or Word. Once completed, please send to Ashley Janzen at ajanzen@ksu.edu.


Community Leader Documents

KAP Summary Worksheet (excel)

Pin Application Summary Worksheet (excel)

Club Project Report Form (pdf)

Club Planning and Goals Worksheet (pdf) 

Outstanding 4-H Member Award Application (pdf)