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Harvey County

Scott Eckert
Scott Eckert

Horticulture Extension Agent

Your front door to the resources of Kansas State University. Information on trees, turf, shrubs, insects, gardens, and other related topics are available through our office. Services available are insect identification, plant identification, and soil tests with fertilizer recommendations.

Non-Chemical Houseplant Pest Control

You can have pests on your indoor plants even if you are taking the best of care for them.  How do we control them.  There are chemical methods and nonchemical methods to use.  Read the full article from our archive here.

Kanas Forest Service Conservation Trees

It's never too early to start planning for Spring planting.  The Kansas Forest Service offers bulk orders of trees and shrubs for conservation of the Kansas landscape.  Orders for Spring begin January 5th and run through May 1st.  Check out their website for bundle information and to place an order.  www.KansasForests.org

Elm Leaf Beetles

These nuisance pests are chewing up elm trees all over the county.  Read on to learn more about this pesky little bug.

Problem: Elm Leaf Beetle - Pyrrhalta luteola

Army Cutworms

If you have noticed an infestation of moths this month, you are not alone!  Calls have been coming in about moths in the home, lawn, and anywhere with a light source.  If they look like these little bugs, read the KSRE fact sheet about Army Cutworms.

army cutworm moth

True Armyworms and Cutworms

Kansas Crop Pests: Army Cutworm


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