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Harvey County

Volunteer Opportunities 

Current Volunteer Resources

Find the 2020 Training recording here

Find volunteer resources here

Face to Face Event Form

COVID Guidlines as of March 2021

 Let’s Get Started- First Steps to Volunteering

  1. Volunteer Service Enrollment: Create an account at https://v2.4honline.com/#/user/sign-in. Make sure you mark that you are a volunteer.
  2. Interview- Let’s chat! We want to find a volunteer opportunity that best suites you, your availability and interests. We will conduct a short face-to-face interview so that we can find an opportunity that best fits what you’re looking for.
  3. Orientation: Complete the online orientation by watching the video sessions on 4-H Online.
  4. Screening: We are committed to ensuring that all of our youth are subject to safe learning environments. To do this, we require our volunteers to complete a background check at: National Criminal Background Check - https://www.ejobapp-validityscreening.com/applicant/companies/28337/accounts/40651/positions 
  5. Official Appointment: Once these steps have been completed, and board approval is confirmed, it’s time to start making a difference!

Current Volunteers

Volunteers who have already completed the initial screening process are required to complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Renewal Service form annually on 4-H Online. 

To ensure a safe environment for all youth, the State 4-H office has implemented that all 4-H Volunteers need to complete the National Criminal Background Check every 3 years. If you need to renew your National Criminal Background Check, you will be contacted by the Extension Office. 

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact our office.