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Harvey County

4-H Recognition Night 

NEW event for our end of year celebration to honor 4-Hers and volunteers on the hard work they have done in the previous year. We have combined Supporter's Picnic and Achievement Night into one great event. Look for more information later but Save The Date: October 14, 2023.

Ambassador Program 

Our Ambassador Program is made up for a group of individuals that represent Harvey County 4-H. Ambassadors are active at events, programs and work with our stakeholders to help share our 4-H Story. Ambassadors are 13 years of age and older. 

Roles and Responsibilties of an Ambassador 

Day Camp 

Put on by the Harvey County Ambassador program in July. Day Camp is open to youth who have completed Kindergarten - Sixth grade. 4-H Membership is not required. Fee is $15 per child with free waivers available upon request.  Day Campers will spend the morning completing activities at the 4-H Building, eat lunch and then swim at the pool. 

Registration Flyer

Harvey County Free Fair

Exhibit all of your learned skills at the Harvey County Free Fair! Find more information on how to enter, paperwork needed, schedules and more on our Fair Page. Questions? Please give the office a call, we are here to help you with any of your Fair needs. 

Lead Now a Community Conversations Event 

The Harvey County Leadership Summit is a day-long experience that encompasses a wide variety of fun activities. First, youth will start with getting to know each other. Next, youth will attend a Visual Thinking Strategies session to strengthen their communication and interpretive skills. Finally, after a short lunch break, they will experience a community conversation on Alcohol, facilitated by youth leaders.

Visual Thinking strategies is an arts-based approach to dialogue that incorporates visual art to inspire deep discussion. This program, developed by the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in conjunction with K-State Research and Extension incentivizes critical thinking and team building.

Community Conversations is the highlight event of the summit. This 4-hour session will center around the topic of Alcohol. Youth will come together in small groups to discuss and deliberate with the help of trained youth facilitators. Afterwards, they will give a short group presentation over the common ground that they have reached as well as an action plan.

Want to bring this event back? Let us know! 

Multi-County Club Day

An event which gives participants an opportunity to tell others about their 4-H projects and demonstrate their talents and abilities.

Multi-County Club Day

Rock Springs Ranch

All youth, no matter the age, are welcome to pick a camp that works for their schedule. Find more information here. Quetsions? Please call the office for more details. 

State Events

The State 4-H Office puts on many events open to all ages throughout the year. They have camps, conferences, judging and learning opportunities. Please Click Here to see the upcoming State 4-H Events!