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Harvey County

Managing Stress and Pursuing Wellness in Agriculture

Numerous factors may cause stress for farmers. Many face financial problems, price and marketing uncertainties, farm transfer issues, production challenges and more. Farmers may struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, indecision or suicidal thoughts. 

The information below should be able to help you or a loved one with coping plans, how stress affects you, what you need to look for in finances and what to do when you need to look elsewhere to make money. 


Do you understand what credit is and how it works? Find out more here

What's your net worth and how do you figure it out? Use this handout to help you. 

Use this handout to help you decide what insurance to select. 

Stress and How it Affects You

Do you know how stress affects you? Use this worksheet to see how you are under stress. 

Now that you know how stress affects you, use this action plan worksheet to help you deal with your stress. 

Did you know that youth can pick up on your stress and stress out too? Here is more information about that. 

Now that you understand stress a little better, here is how to have a productive mindset in stressful times. 

Getting Through Tough Times 

Losing the farm is not ideal, but this handout will help you on how to cope and move forward. 

Learning how to cope with stressful events is a great skill. Use this handout to come up with healthy coping strategies.

Are you needing some more cash? Use this handout to learn how to turn your personal skills extra revenue. 


All the above information is from a Farm Stress presentation that Ryan and Anne can present at any time. Give the office a call, if you would like to have them come and inform your group! 

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