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Harvey County

Annual Enrollment: October 15 to December 7


If you have questions about Medicare, please call our office at 316-284-6930. We have counselors currently taking appointments to help you with your Part D and Advantage plans. You are asked to bring your Medicare card and a list of medications (or the bottles) with you to the appointment.

For other locations:

Department on Aging, Harvey County Courthouse, Newton:  316-284-6880

Grand Central Senior Center, Newton:  316-283-2222

Kidron Bethel, North Newton:  316-284-2900

Trinity Heights Methodist Church, Newton:  316-283-6410

Sedgwick Senior Center:  316-772-0393

Hesston Senior Center:  620-327-5099



For more information or to make changes on your own, you can go to Medicare.gov!