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Harvey County



Food Preservation

For making sweet spreads and canning fruit; canning with less sugar;
and drying and freezing strawberries without added sugar...
Preserve It Fresh, Preserve It Safe


Let's Get to the Basics

Do you have a dial pressure canner? Bring it by the Extension office
to have it checked free of charge for pressure safety.
Our staff can assist you with making sure gaskets and air vents are in good condition.
We also have a few helpful books available at a minimal cost.



USDA Complete Guide to Canning, Rev. 2015 

Preserving Vegetables (español: Verduras)
Cucumbers (español: Pepinos)
Beans (español: Frijoles)
Peppers (español: Chiles)
Corn (español: Maiz Dulce)
Tomatoes (español: Tomates)
Preserving Green Beans

Apples (español: Manzanas)
Cherries (español: Cerezas)
Peaches (español: Melocotones)
Strawberries (español: Fresas)


Natl Center for Home Food Preservation-- Articles & Recipes