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Crops and Livestock

The Key to Farming SUCCESSion

Join us for The Key to Farming SUCCESSion Conference on March 20th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM featuring Keynote Speaker, Roger McEowen! Attendees will leave with new knowledge and strategies to grow their business and secure farm assets for future generations to come.

Would you like to stay overnight? We have reserved a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn under Harvey Co. Extension for March 19th-21st at $89.00/night. Please reserve your room by March 14th.

March 20, 2018
Check-In: 9:00-10:00 AM
The Meridian Center
1420 E. Broadway Ct.  Newton, KS
Featured Break-Out Sessions:
Advanced Healthcare Planning
Where Do I Start?
Preparing for the What If
Estate Planning 101
New Tax Laws
Navigating Family Differences
Register Today!
Online Registration: https://tinyurl.com/KeyToFarmingSUCCESSion2018
Registration is due by March 9th. Payment is due to the McPherson County Extension Office at 600 W. Woodside, McPherson, KS 7460 on or before March 20th.
Questions on Registration? Contact the Harvey County Extension office, 316-284-6930.
SUCCESSion Flyer          Registration Form to Mail In 


SCKS results

Click on the link above to download the KSU Area Extension Southcentral Wheat Yield Results (Excel file). 

Updated Custom Rates 2016

This is an updated version of the Custom Rates for 2016. I hope you will find this useful. 

Custom Rates 2016

Farm Lease Agreement Forms