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Harvey County

 Master Gardeners

What are Master Gardeners?

The Master Gardener Program is a volunteer program in which K-State Research and Extension "trades" classroom training for volunteer time. After the initial 40-50 hour course of comprehensive instruction in Horticulture, volunteers donate an equivalent number of service hours annually. To maintain the Master Gardener title a volunteer continues to contribute those hours every year. 

What do Master Gardeners do?

The Harvey County Master Gardeners are a busy group of volunteers. Monthly meetings are held to meet & enjoy fellowship of other "green thumbs."  At these meetings, a learning program is given and volunteer information is discussed. Once a year we host a plant exchange, and often tours are planned & ideas are shared. 

For volunteer hours the Master Gardeners do the following: The Giving Garden, Home & Garden Show, Garden Tours, Vegetable and Flower Demonstration Plots, a booth at the Harvey County Fair and many more opportunities. 

For more information, click on the Brochure below. 


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