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Harvey County

Harvey County Fair Display

Our Master Gardeners display a beautiful and education exhibit at the Harvey County Free Fair each year.  In 2022 the booth space was transformed in a serene display on ornamentals grasses.

MG exhibit at the Fair

Trial Flower Garden

Each year Master Gardeners tend experiemental flower varies and assess their growth habits.  You can view and enjoy them in the Giving Garden, located just NorthWest of Main St. on Old Highway 81.

Trial Flowers in the Giving Garden

Master Gardeners

Volunteer Hours log sheet.

What are Master Gardeners?

The Master Gardener Program is a volunteer program in which K-State Research and Extension "trades" classroom training for volunteer time. After the initial 40-50 hour course of comprehensive instruction in Horticulture, volunteers donate an equivalent number of service hours annually. To maintain the Master Gardener title a volunteer continues to contribute those hours every year. 

What do Master Gardeners do?

The Harvey County Master Gardeners are a busy group of volunteers. Monthly meetings are held to meet & enjoy the fellowship of other "green thumbs."  At these meetings, a learning program is given and volunteer information is discussed. Once a year we host a plant exchange, and often tours are planned & ideas are shared. 

For volunteer hours the Master Gardeners do the following: The Giving Garden, Home & Garden Show, Garden Tours, Vegetable and Flower Demonstration Plots, a booth at the Harvey County Fair and many more opportunities. 

For more information, click on the Brochure below. 


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