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Harvey County

Walk Kansas 2018


 Registration is open! Register your team at

Here is the information about our point system this year and programs offered.

Things to keep in mind this year:
1. You will have to register again, your password will not work
2.  We are only offering t-shirts this year, colors are heather purple or heather Irish green
3. Please check out the Activity Guide from the State. It highlights what counts as far as exercise and how long. 
4. We are going to do a lot through Facebook, so make sure to like our page! 
5. We have new walking paths! Check them out here

Team Registration Form


Cost per person: $8


T-Shirt is $9.77 with tax,
they run a little on the small side.


 If you need more information, please contact Anne at aelpers@ksu.edu or 316-284-6930