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Harvey County

County Wide Projects

Project Selection Guide: http://www.kansas4-h.org/projects/

4-H Junior Leaders: 4-H members ages 13-18 are able to join our Junior Leaders program. Throughout this program, youth are challenged to better understand their own leadership style while adding valuable input to a team. Junior Leaders meet once and month and participate in fun activities including Taste of Newton, the Harvey County Fair, and serving as counselors for the Harvey County Day Camp.

Leader: Anne Pitts


4-H Ambassadors: The Harvey County 4-H Ambassadors work together as a team to promote and develop 4-H in our county. These individuals go through an application and interview process in order to become an Ambassador. 

Ambassador Application
Returning Ambassador Application 

Leader: Gail Lanier

Beef: Learn all aspects of the beef industry by raising a market steer or building your own herd by raising heifers and cows.

Leader: Barbara Roux and Jim Schwar

Bucket Calf

Leaders: Martie TenEyke and Bill Black

Clothing & Textiles: This project will introduce you to a whole new world of options with outfits, clothing and accessories. The clothing construction phase will teach you the basics like sewing a shirt or putting a zipper in a pair of pants. The advanced units will teach you how to take the design of your choice and customize it for the perfect look, color and fit. Buymanship will give you that edge on planning a budget for an outfit, choosing between different shades of colors and analyzing clothing advertisements. Members may participate in the Fashion Review to model either their clothing construction or Buymanship items.

Leader: Cheryl Rizzuto

Dog care & training: This project is for youth who are interested in learning more about dogs, how to care for a dog and how to train a dog in basic or advanced commands. Any kind of dog may be used in this unique project that is not designed to conform to AKC or other professional standards. Members without dogs may wish to participate in quiz bowls, conferences and other activities that do not require dog ownership.

Leader: Anna Schurter

Exploring 4-H: This project is for first and second year members. It's a great way to "explore" 4-H projects without enrolling in all of them. Members will be exposed to numerous project areas with the guidance of older members and adult helpers.

Leader: Lynnette Redington

Foods & Nutrition: In this project, you will have fun learning how to cook the basics and then advance to gourmet and international meals. You will learn the heritage of many foods as well as consumer buying skills to get the most for your money. In addition, you will learn how to make healthy snacks and modify your recipes to fit a healthy lifestyle.

Leader: Melinda Bass

Geology: Did you find a rock at the park and don't know what kind it is?  What about fossils? If you would like to learn more about rocks, minerals and fossils, then dive into the Geology project! Discover the types of minerals, rocks and fossils that can be found where you live. Learn about geological formations across the state and in other states.

Leader: Sara Murphy

Horse: If you love horses, then this project is for you! You will have the opportunity to learn about, handle, care for and ride horses. Members may own or lease a horse, but must have complete access to the horse at any time and must provide full care and management 75% of the time, whether owned or leased.

Leaders: Scott and Kelli Harder

Horse Hippology: "Horseless Horse" members do not own or lease a horse, but participate in judging, quiz bowls, hippology, presentations and may help with horse shows and trail rides.

Leaders: Sandy Ring and Heather Zeller

Meat Goats:The 4-H meat goat project is designed for members who are interested in learning more about raising meat goats. The meat goat project is quickly growing with an increasing demand for meat products. Learn how to select, raise and care for a meat goat.

Leader: Lisa Stockebrand

Photography: Capture your friends and important events through photography. Learn about basic and advanced cameras and how to plan, compose, light and exhibit your photos. Advance into wide-angle and telephoto lenses, filters, light meters and computer enhancement.

Leader: Wendy Nugent

Poultry: This project is designed to help you learn about chickens and other poultry. You will acquire an understanding of scientific poultry management and marketing practices. You will gain business experience and insight into the values and principles of purchasing, marketing, record keeping and exhibiting poultry.

Leader: Ryan Flaming, flaming@ksu.edu, (316)284-6930.

Sheep: The sheep project will help you learn more about the sheep industry. You will learn how to care for and feed a market lamb or build your own breeding flock.

Leader: Lisa Stockebrand, Sue Engel

Swine: Feed out a market hog or start your own breeding herd by enrolling in the swine project. Learn to select and judge quality animals and meat products.

Leaders: Serena McGinn

Space Tech: This project will help young people learn how to build rockets and robots and explore space through astronomy. There are also opportunities to learn more about GPS and GIS. Experience the thrill of setting off rockets, building robots and geo-caching. Learn about computers and how you can apply them in 4-H.

Rocketry Leader: Doug  Stucky

Energy Management: Learn important general electrical concepts as you experiment with making a light switch, testing voltages and even build motors.  Study energy use, magnetism, electronics and transistors. Learn how small engines work and how to keep them working or discover the power of the wind! Learn about where the wind blows and how its power can be used for sailing, lifting, pumping water and creating electricity.

Small Engines Leader: Doug  Stucky

 Shooting sports: The project teaches you gun safety, hunting skills and the opportunity to test your skills. If you have an interest in guns and/or hunting in any form, this project is the best way to learn about them.

Shotgun Leader: Kevin Duerksen

Archery Leader: Tony Koehn

Wildlife: Kansas wildlife is a large part of our state ranging from buffalo to birds to fish to deer and more. In this project you will learn about wildlife behavior, habitat requirements, how wildlife species fit into nature's scheme, how they are managed, and how they relate to humans.

Sports Fishing Leader: Doug Stucky