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Harvey County

Family and Child Development

Strong, stable, and resilient families are crucial to the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and society. Children and adults with stable and satisfying family relationships experience greater emotional stability and health than do individuals who live with constant family tension and negative interactions.


Programs Offered Right Now

Safe Dates - A researched based curriculum focused on teenagers. The curriculum goes over health and unhealthy relationships talking about physical and emotional abuse, red flags, how to get help, how to help a friend, managing conflict and anger, good communication skills and how to protect yourself from sexual abuse. Teens explore what they think is acceptable in a dating relationship and what their own opinions are when it comes to dating. By having teens go through this curriculum, it helps prepare them for dating and situations they might encounter in their future. For more information or to book these lessons contact Anne at 316-284-6930. 

Family Board Game Night - Coming Soon! 

Contact Information

Anne Pitts
Extension Agent 
Family and Consumer Sciences